Dove Movers Kenya

Our Team

We pride ourselves in dedicated, young and well trained staff from different backgrounds, well equipped with the required skills and experience. They are always at the disposal of our clients.

The Move Managers:

The move manager/relocation manager organize, plan, communicate with clients and book moves after extensive discussions with the client whilst taking into account their preferences. They also have knowledge on the technical requirement s of different kinds of moves.

Move managers are mostly based in the office but are also make regular visits and at times full attendances on some moves as check up measures on new developments and requirements.

The Technical Team:

This team is always on the ground during the removal job and carries out the physical activities to facilitate the relocation. Their scope of work requires them to be skilled enough to carry out packing, dismantling of furniture, disconnecting of appliances, connecting appliances and fittings, furniture assembly, loading, hoisting and crating.